Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I am Leonardo of Arc

Interesting personality quiz, and one that is a lot more insightful than most.  This isn't at all bad analysis of me, and it was done with only 12 questions.  Pretty impressive.

Hat tip: The Geek In Heels


Guffaw in AZ said...

When you get around to posting one of those Cosmo quizzes, I'll stop reading!


Tewshooz said...

This was interesting. I'm Ludwig von Lincoln

Old NFO said...

Heh, exactly the same as you...

Goober said...

Michaelangelo Lincoln:

"You're a pure optimistic who highly values confidence in yourself and others, and have an attention to detail that sets you apart from other dreamers. You get both of these qualities from Abraham Lincoln, the revered, 16th President of the United States who led the U.S. through the Civil War and ultimately abolished slavery. You're also full of curiosity, energy and imagination; you get these traits from Michelangelo, the Renaissance-era Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and engineer.

Your confidence, optimism and focus might make you intimidating to be around, but for those who can handle it, your personality is contagious"

It actually nails me for everything except the comparison to a President who thought it better to subjugate and murder a group of people rather than let them do what they wanted and try to convince them otherwise.

I'm not a violent person. Not even a little bit.

But I am optimistic to a fault. I've had people complain about that to me. They say it makes me sound like a used car salesman. There is never any tragedy or catastrophe with me, just minor issues that can be solved and moved past. Everyone else wants to stop and mourn the problem, while I'm moving on, damn the torpedoes...

I've also been told that I'm very intimidating because of my drive and focus. It probably doesn't help that I'm 6'-4" tall and 300 pounds, either.

All in all, it's a good quiz, but I dislike the continued, blind lionization of what John Wilkes Booth rightly called a "tyrant".

Not that I agree with what Booth did, don't get me wrong. I really am not a violent person.

Bob said...

Ludwig Mozart: You're a true introvert and Type A perfectionist, with an attention to detail and focus that drives your success. You get these traits from Wolfgang Mozart, the prodigious and influential composer, and Ludwig van Beethoven, the German composer and pianist whose influence on music is immeasurable.

You might worry a little too much, but you believe people are good and the best outcome will always surface. You also take calculated risks that have the potential to pay off big time; you get this trait from Beethoven.

Chickenmom said...

Gee, I'm not a boring as I thought I was! :o)

You are the #brainchild of
Leonardo of Arc
You have an active imagination and free-spirited side, which means you dream big, believe anything can happen, and are open to new experiences that might present opportunities to learn and explore. You get these traits from Leonardo da Vinci, the genius artist, inventor and mathematician whose talent is still considered to be one of the greatest in the world.

But you're also very disciplined, and have a strong work ethic that grounds your personality and gives all your big dreams and ideas the fuel to become reality. You get these traits from Joan of Arc, the bold, fearless French heroine who was also canonized as a Catholic saint.

Rob Colling said...

I'm Abraham Dickinson (Lincoln and Emily). Quote:

You're a true introvert who takes your work very seriously. You get both your introversion and conscientiousness from Emily Dickinson, the über-talented but reclusive 19th-century poet, and Abraham Lincoln, the revered, 16th President of the United States who led the U.S. through the Civil War and ultimately abolished slavery.

Your rational, math-minded traits come from Abraham Lincoln, and you get your anxious habits come from Emily Dickinson. If you harness your traits to work for and not against you, your drive and focus will outlast your peers'.

--True, every word. I even caught the typo in line 1 of the 2nd paragraph. That's the website's fault, not mine. ;)