Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I've weaned myself mostly off the meds, which is a Very Good Thing indeed.  Even ibuprofin is needed less and less.  What I'm doing is (slowly) testing my limits, and pain is the feedback mechanism that tells me to stop.

I drove the Jeep to the dog park once (4 on the floor), and that was OK.  I've gone from working in a wingback chair to working at my desk - I'm not sure that that's OK - the desk height is wrong and the chair doesn't support me like the wingback.  It's an exploration.

All in all, though, this Thanksgiving I will have something to be thankful for.  The accident could very well have been much worse.


WoFat said...

Dog park. Don't fall out an become a dog's dinner.

Rev. Paul said...

Glad to hear you continue to recover.

Guffaw in AZ said...

Great to hear!


burt said...

Good news, BP! You're DEFINITELY on the mend!

Nosmo King said...

Marines have a saying: "Pain is weakness leaving the body." However slight, there is some truth to that.

Weightlifters ave a saying: "No pain, no gain." Howevrer slight, there is some truth to that.

Once one returns to "normal" after Certain Adventures, one learns, however much truth there is in the two sayings above, there is no progress without some degree of discomfort. That applies both physically and mentally.

Let your capacity for progress, and your doctor's expertise, be your guide.

Pro tip: MDs, being largely of the Liberal Persuasion, will consistently default to The Easiest Solution. If you want progress, find a Certified Physical Therapist with a USMC tattoo.

Or, create your own progress. It will be an educational experience which will have a value all its own.

drjim said...

Great to hear!

Hat Trick said...

Glad to hear that you're healing and making progress on your recovery.