Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Vote Elder God ticket

Get devoured first!
You think that we can vote ourselves out of this?  O RL'YEH?


Anonymous said...

It's not about voting ourselves out of this. It's about voting those pompous elites out of office so they don't get to be treated like royalty any longer unless they use their own money. It's about punishing friends of Obama who thought they could do anything they wanted and never suffer any consequences. He and Holder are above the law. All those congresspeople and Senators up for election this term are not.

ProudHillbilly said...


Glen Filthie said...

Well I am just pleased as punch about the results of the election. Obviously the stupid people didn't make it out to vote...along with the cool kids like you, BP.

When did you decide to stop thinking BP? Was it after your divorce? Or the bike accident? I have to ask because when you started up this blog it was awesome. I remember scholarly screeds linking the foolishness of American politics today back to those of Rome. I didn't agree with all of it but it was well written and very difficult to refute. It made for wonderful reading.

Choosing the lesser of evils got ya down? Well how about we go back to Rome again? What if you had choices between a half-mad syphallitic tyrant like Caligula - and stuttering, retarded cripple like Claudius? Back then, cool kids like you that refused to take sides were assassinated - often by their former friends! Looking out for Number One was the name of the game, you forged alliances, you battled your enemies, and you played the cards you were dealt to the best of your ability. History is chock full of men that made all the wrong choices and won. It is chock full of those that made all the right choices and lost their heads anyways. What makes you think you are better than all this? ;)

It is my conviction that choosing the lesser of two evils is the eternal human state of affairs. It can be a dirty game indeed but it has always been...and when it gets to its absolute worst, were all options stink to high heaven and there are no easy choices...guys like you are needed most. I for one would like to see you get back in the game.