Sunday, March 2, 2014

So the Lefties are still on that "What's The Matter With Kansas" thing

They are so enclosed in an intellectual bubble excluding Unapproved Thoughts™ that they simply cannot fathom someone with Unapproved Thoughts™.

The Middle Class votes against Democrats in their own economic self-interest, for example.  Yeah I know, math is hard.  And seemingly Unapproved™ as well.  And they're all smarter than you and me, too.  They'll tell you, if you ask.

[rolls eyes]

And this analysis completely ignores the way the Left is attacking employment (especially through EPA regulations on manufacturing) and applying the law inconsistently to benefit particular minority groups at the expense of the Middle Class.

Action, reaction.

Of course, it's so much easier to Leftie self-esteem to say that Kansas is full of racist dog-whistles than, you know, voters whose votes need to be earned.

More here on the Tea Party as the true party of the Proletariat and a Marxist analysis of the Progressive State.

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JD(not the one with the picture) said...

A few years ago, while driving from Montana to Texas, I stopped in a small town in southern Kansas just after noon on a Sunday. The only place to eat was a Dairy Queen that was across the street from a church and next to a small park. There were many multi-generational family groups at the church, in the park and in the DQ. Everyone was clean and well groomed, the adults well mannered and relaxed, the kids in the park exuberant and smiling. I sat there eating my burger thinking: "What's the matter with Thomas Franks".