Monday, March 31, 2014

The razor's edge

I hadn't thought that my test ride with the windscreen would be to the hospital.  It worked.

And it's good that I was going to the hospital because he said that he wanted clothes, and slippers (and his watch!).  But it made me think on just how narrow is the line - that razor's edge - that we all walk each day, all without thinking.  We should.

Certain of a future, indeed. Kiss all your children.  Dance with your wife.  Tell your husband that you love him, every night.  Don't run from the truth - you can't get away.

Turn up the music.


Goober said...

Last August, my good friend's 12 year old daughter died suddenly from leukemia that they did not know she had.

In December, a friend and co-worker was murdered by a coward for financial gain.

Last week, a man drowned in my stomping grounds in Hell's Canyon, running in whitewater that I had run many times, myself.

I hate to tally all the folks that I know that died suddenly just in the last year. Too many. More than I've listed. Enough to know that you should be prepared for the chance that it could be you or someone you truly love next.

Kiss your wife, indeed.

Hope the boy is doing alright, Borepatch. Hope he learned from whatever happened, and will be a better person for it.

lee n. field said...

Our family shrank by two last year. That line is narrow.

Rev. Paul said...

I'm glad your family didn't shrink.