Saturday, March 8, 2014

BBQ and Blues

These guys are good. And this is the best BBQ I've had in Georgia.

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UPDATE 8 March 2014 20:48: This is at Spiced Right BBQ on Roswell Road bang in downtown Roswell, GA.  The ribs that the Missus ordered were superior, some of the best I've had anywhere.  Tender and moist but very good smoke flavor; not too much sauce.  My brisket was OK, not as good as the last time.  Very moist but seeming more a braise than smoked (???).  The smoked turkey was outstanding.  Fried okra were done in a professional manner.  #2 Son liked his pulled pork.

You order at the counter and they bring it out, so this is probably a 4 out of 5 on Bob's BBQ scale.  I'd rate it a 4 of 5 overall on my scale (admittedly more impressionistic than Bob's).  If you're in the area and like BBQ, this is worth seeking out.

Local live band doing a mix of blues and old time rock 'n roll.  Pretty good for old guys - the guitar guy got in some licks.


libertyman said...

Okay, who and where are they?

Old NFO said...

Yeah, WHERE???