Saturday, March 15, 2014

Things I did not know

Downtown Rome, Georgia looks like it could be a set for Mayberry R.F.D.  Think I need to go back for a closer look sometime.

That snorting sound that you just heard is MSgt B, who needs to get him one (or more) of these patches.


Bob said...

A lot of towns in the South can pass for Mayberry. Ridgeway, SC, is a perfect example.

R.K. Brumbelow said...

You should have gone one town south to Cedartown where I am. We were downtown for 'jane mansfield's car' and the birthplace of the voice of winnie the pooh. Bonus, the bypass around town is named after my grandmother.

Dave H said...

Ironically, Mayberry was actually a set in Culver City, California, owned by RKO Pictures and Desilu. The set was built for "Gone With the Wind" and they used it for pretty much everything after that (including episodes of Star Trek and Land of the Giants).

Tough call on the patches. Of the four shows I'd have to go with the girl or the Pork Eating Crusader. Probably the latter. If you click on through to the vendor's site, I'm seriously considering a St. Michael patch.

MSgt B said...

Definitely need one of those patches.

When you go back to Rome, the Mellow Mushroom downtown has the hottest waitresses. Just grab a seat in the bar area. Yowza.

Great beer selection too.

And give me a call next time. I'm out there around Rome/Cartersville almost once a week.