Monday, March 10, 2014

Bike project #1

I'm starting to call this my "Project" bike - there's so much I want to do with it that I have a series of, well, projects ahead of me.  I just completed the first one yesterday.

While I have a tank bag, I don't have a compartment for sunglasses, sunscreen, garage door opener, etc.  I picked one up at Cycle World, but it was held onto the handle bars by nylon straps.  While they kept them on the handle bars, they couldn't keep it from sagging under the weight of gravity.  The bag would hang down and cover up the speedometer.

And so off to Home Depot for stainless steel hose clamps and some rubber gasket.  The gasket is to keep the clamps from scratching the chrome.

Then it was a simple task to screw the clamps onto the handlebars so that the excess was pointing upwards.

The bag has a new and happy home, held in place above the handle bars.

I'll probably tweak the placement, but I think we can scratch one off the list.  Go team me!

1 comment:

Dave H said...

Clever. I wish that'd work on my bike.

I've run into so-called "stainless" hose clamps where the strap was stainless but the screw wasn't. You might consider checking back in six months or so to see if the screw remains uncorroded.