Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What he said

The Deteriorating Intellect of the Leftists.

I'm somewhat older than the Captain, and so went to University when there were still first rate Intellectual Leftists (I actually met Galbraith once; he was so tall that Monty Python had a sketch where economists would decide whose theory was better by which one of them was tallest).

But yeah, they're not interested in listening or in debate.  The only thing that I'd add is that now that the Long March through the institutions is complete, they think they've won.  They don't think that they need to convince the undecided; rather, they need to intimidate the undecided to keep them from stepping out of line.  I think that this explains the entirety of the hollowness of Progressive thought these days.

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Richard Blaine said...

I'm not sure which came first, the inability to argue logically and recognize facts; or sufficient success that they don't feel the need. At this point my experience tells me that there are few if any that can argue their case with out resorting to all the usual leftist misdirection. Then again, I tend to run in low circles so I mostly bump into the useful idiots. Perhaps at the upper end there are those who simply don't bother. There were, way back when I was one of the few conservatives in the WSU School of Economics (as a student) some leftists that I thought were fairly bright. (Then again, I was young and stupid so...)