Monday, March 24, 2014

The best science that money can buy

J Melcher left a comment to this post, pointing to this bit of awesome:

If you wonder why there's a "scientific consensus" about Global Warming, look at how all the grants are to study Global Warming.


Jester said...

Yep, exactly that Borepatch. Here would be my humble suggestion, that all grants to study global warming/climate change/acid rain/winter cooling that come from no private donations be dried up. But then again we are dealing with people that have the intelligence of turnips. Only they could say that anything that suggest there is no man made global warming is because big oil/coal/energy contributes (Maybe?) but those that have a vested interest in global warming happening are of pious intent.

bruce said...

the sad fact is a scientist could just as easily make a case for global cooling. Taking into account urban heat island effects and ubanization of temp stations. Imagine a temp station on the edge of a forest, update it to be on an asphalt parking strip next to an airport. Kind of negates a great deal of the ballyhooed warming they think they are witnessing.
Throw in a few selected tree rings from some weak trees and there you have it.