Friday, October 4, 2013

Anagrams on an NSA Cray Supercomputer

I know not just cryptomathemeticians, but cryptomathemeticians who know how to program Cray Supercomputers*. .A buddy of mine at Three Letter Intelligence Agency** wrote a program to solve anagrams.  I asked him how many it solved.
All of them, he said.
I'll bet Wolfgang*** could have kept them out of the newspapers:
Need health insurance? The Obama administration has you covered. Simply dial  1-800-FUCKYO to reach the next available health-care provider.
Far from being a mistype, that’s the official number that Health and Human Services wants Americans to dial when seeking health care. Obamacare’s national call center really did list its number as  1-800-318-2596, helpfully spelling out President Barack Obama’s tendency to blatantly flip the bird in plain view.
It's actually 1-800-F1U-CKYO.  dial it yourself to check it out.  It would be very nice to get some Adult Supervision for this administration.

* Yes, I know that Cray Supercomputers and vector processing was the crypto hotness in 1989, but work with me here.  1989 was plausibly the last year that I was, err, hot.  And get offa my lawn, punk.

** Not to be confused with the NSA.  Nosiree.  Nope.  Get offa my lawn, punk.

*** Not his real name, unless he fetches and sits on command.  Duh.  Get off, well, you know.

Via James via email.


aurictech said...

At that level, the portmanteau "cryptomathemagicians" might be more accurate....

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Speaking of Obamacare screwups, here's a good one. Apparently, the website design effectively creates a DDOS attack against its own servers.