Friday, October 23, 2020

The election is over

Stick a fork in Slow Joe - he's done


Sure, the polls show Joe ahead by 5000%, but let's look at the evidence.  It doesn't support poll results showing Joe winning; on the contrary:

  • Republican enthusiasm is off the chart.  There are something like 2 Million volunteers knocking on doors and calling on the phone.  They've contacted 100 Million voters.  It doesn't look like there are any Democrats doing this.  By way of comparison, a little over 60M voted for Trump in 2016 - now there is a measurable fraction of that working for his campaign.
  • Biden gives rallies to a dozen people.  Trump gives rallies to tens of thousands.  Even more importantly, a big fraction of the people in the audience are not Republicans, and a big fraction didn't vote last time.  Now they're standing in line to hear The Donald.
  • We see "Trump Trains" all over the country - parades of thousands of cars flying Trump flags.  We see them in historically Democrat strongholds: 30,000 cars paraded in "deep blue" Miami.
  • Trump's outreach to the black and hispanic communities has paid off.  His support is a lot higher than 4 years ago - maybe two or three times as high.
  • Trump's job approval rating is over 50%.  I can't remember any president with a 50% approval rating losing reelection, ever.
  • What I find most interesting is the Gallup poll showing that a majority of people expect Trump to be reelected.
If Joe really were ahead by 5000%, would we see any of this?  No - all of these signs would point in the opposite direction.  So who are you going to believe: a bunch of pollsters who blew it bigly last time, or your lyin' eyes.

Like I said, stick a fork in Joe, he's done.  Just get out and vote.


libertyman said...

Did you see Obama with his bullhorn talking to something like six people who were in a Biden booth somewhere?

I really must say the Drudge Report is just a fear mongering site now. End of the world as we know it! Virus out of control! Trump is to blame!

Good grief.

Old NFO said...

Look at the signs... Literally. Trump 3-4:1, Biden is actually trailing lost cat and firewood for sale.

Jonathan H said...

I see them as pushing this theme for several reasons, depending on the person or group:
1. Some people believe the polls and can't believe that a Republican could have enough support to win.
2. Some people hope to disillusion Republicans so they don't get out of vote by claiming there is no point to it and Trump can't win.
3. It gives support to claims later that the election was stolen and (supposedly) fights claims of fraud.

Kinnison said...

I won't believe that Trump has won this election until we see the wailing and the gnashing of their teeth by the Democrats like 2016.

Glen Filthie said...

I think he was done the second that crap with his son broke. How is it that they both aren't in jail right now?

LindaG said...

What Kinnison said.

The reason the Dems aren't beating down doors is because they are "helping people" fill out their mail in ballots (people who can't read English, perhaps?); and stealing ballots to change. I don't doubt that.

But I am praying that God's will be done. :)

Pachydermis2 said...

I'm by no means a fan of Trump as a person. He represents many things I loathe. Real estate shysters. Reality TV. Serial infidelity. But we've had good men as presidents. And we've had effective presidents. There is not that much overlap.

Watching Biden fade over 90 minutes, and that after what, five days of no campaigning so he could nap all day! What would he look like by the end of a four year term? The job is a constant drain on anyone and the oldest man ever elected to the office....and a guy with several neurologic incidents in his past?

It convinced me that he would not effectively lead. Who would? And what would they do? I dunno. You dunno either. But whoever that is they are not on the ballot.

Trump is a jerk to put it kindly. But watching him come back strong a week or so after shaking off corona virus and at the end of four years of constant assault. He might not be human.


LSP said...

This is a great post.

I like the inspirational music too.

Ken said...

If G_d in His wisdom can use Nebuchadnezzar as His instrument;

If He can build His church on the flawed, all-too-human rock of Simon bar Jonah...

...He can certainly use Donald John Trump likewise.

County has logged my absentee ballot received.

Richard said...

The polls are cover for the vote fraud. What happens if Biden steals the election?

Ed Bonderenka said...

All good points and encouraging. Thanks.
I may quote this on air today.

buzzard said...

There’s no money to be made by pollsters and pundits if the race isn’t in doubt...