Tuesday, October 13, 2020

So how does a COVID death not get counted as a COVID death?

Remember how the 'rona death count went from "death from COVID" to "death with COVID"?  Remember the guy killed in a motorcycle crash who was listed as a COVID death?*  The panic caused an inflation of the death count, with every death breathlessly reported.  So what does it take to make sure a death is not reported as from COVID?

When the death is caused not by the virus, but by the government's reaction to the virus.  COVID didn’t kill Rita at age 95, despair and loneliness did:

Rita Thomas was a victim of COVID-19, but she never had the disease.

The vivacious and outgoing 95-year-old, who lived independently until last year and celebrated her most recent birthday in February with friends at a Pasco County diner, willed herself to die two weeks ago because she could no longer handle the pandemic-imposed isolation.

“She said to me: ‘Linda. I’ve had a good life. I am ready to die. I don’t want to live this way anymore. I stopped eating,’ ’’ her daughter Linda Gardner said, recalling the conversation she had with her mother in August. Weeks later, her mother was hospitalized for complications from malnutrition.

The Miami Herald almost called it straight.  She was a victim of Government Policy.  I say that even thought I generally think that Gov. DeSantis has done a better job on this than most Governors.

Her cause of death was listed as "failure to thrive".  In reality, the State killed her graveyard dead with their unreasonable lockdown.  What's unusual about Mrs. Thomas' case was that her story got published.  We should ask ourselves how many other people have died, not from the virus, but from the Government's reaction to the virus.  We should ask if more people are now dying from the reaction than from the virus.  An honest approach to public policy would strive to give us answers to those questions.  Of course, we will never have an honest assessment of the Government's reaction.  

At least we're seeing a little goalpost moving: World Health Organization says lockdowns don't work.  And a new study of infection rates at Amazon show no correlation between lockdowns and infection rates. And more studies show no benefits from masks than show any benefits (hat tip: Lawrence).  Hey, don't be a Science Denier!

But this bit from the article made me see red:

When Rita Thomas finally saw her daughters after more than six months, “She wouldn’t let go of my hand,” said her daughter, Nan Thomas.

We had to destroy the village to save it.  The bastards who did that to Mrs. Thomas have a lot to answer for, in this life or the next.

* Yeah, I know, Snopes.  But even they say that this happened, although they try to spin it.


Kid said...

I've read many, young and old, committed suicide over this.

The Freeholder said...

There is no situation so bad that government can not make it worse.

Home on the Range said...

I know of two COVID cases among the hundreds of my friends, work colleagues, and family. One was an elderly person that had serious health complications, the other was a colleague that was a super heavy smoker (he survived after 3 weeks in the hospital). I'm still being very careful as I'm in my 60's with kidney disease, but yes.

Beans said...

I know several people who were diagnosed with "flu-like, but not flu" in late December and early January (and it couldn't have been the 'Rona because the CDC and NIH said it couldn't) and suffered long and hard but recovered. If any of them had been forced into a nursing home or a low-care facility (like a hospital) they would have been dead.

Sad that to get good healthcare these days, it's better to stay home with an attentive amateur watching over you than an inattentive group of 'professionals.' The difference is really life or death.

The power-play by the leftists that pushed this stupid agenda... makes my blood boil. Especially since by April the handwriting was on the wall as reports came out proving the 'Rona was only a real threat to those severely damaged and hanging on by a thread. The very ones that Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio said were sucking the medical system dry.

Yes, if you are at risk or take care of at-risk people, be careful. Wash before contacting at-risk people is a thing that should be done all the time. But killing the country the way it was handled? That was something that only happened... after "Impeachment, Impeachment, Impeachment" fizzled like a wet firecracker. And, though many ran around with their hair on fire screaming "End of the World!" at the beginning, many non-skeptical people are now seeing the whole Covidiocracy as nothing more than a political ploy. Which it was. Just enough 'truth' to keep the balloon of Doom inflated, barely. Until the facts ate holes in the balloon.

Bah. My inner cynicism and outright Teutonic-level of skepticism has been proven right. Hey, 'Rona, get off my lawn!

Allen said...

The classic Trolley Problem. Someone is going to die no matter what you choose. I sometimes wonder if people are even aware of the difficult choice problem any more.

The real question is, did the choice we made do any bit of good?

SiGraybeard said...

Coincidentally, I was talking about this with my Dentist this morning. I've been seeing him his entire career, over 30 years; he's a very technically-minded guy, I think he was the first DDS in the county to offer chairside CNC dentistry.

I told him I was more afraid of the response than the virus and he started going into the restrictions on our abilities to think and act like free people. I told him that an axiom from root cause analysis is that if you don't measure something, you'll never make it better. I told him from the start it bothered me that we measure deaths, then cases, but there are no measures of the people that have been hurt by being afraid to go to their doctor or the ER, or the people that are getting diagnosed with Stage 2 or 3 cancer instead of Stage 1. Suicides have been tracked, and I believe I've read that between suicides and near-suicides from drug overdose that there's more than 10x the number of those than the number that have succumbed to the virus.

As it is, the only thing we know is if hospitals are being inconvenienced.

Even then, we know that Cuomo, Murphy, Whittmer, and a few others effectively murdered tens of thousands of older citizens rather than use hospital ships and military field hospitals that were provided for them.

Kid said...

There is much evil associated with this perpetrated by the government, evil democrats and USELESS republicans who just stood aside with their mouths shut.
I believe China and the dems cooked this up to get DJT out of office.

Eagle said...

My wife is an LNA: Licensed Nursing Assistant. She works for a home health care organization and primarily cares for the elderly. She has DIRECT KNOWLEDGE of elderly who were forcibly isolated in their homes, or who were residents at long term care facilities.


She told me that several have become despondent at the isolation and inability to talk to *or even hug* their loved ones. And some have died: lonely and isolated, unhappy, and "simply gave up".

The government killed them with overly strict policies, and used the "we don't understand this virus well enough yet" as the excuse to prevent healthy middle-aged adults from visiting their elderly parents.

I came home yesterday and she was in tears (again). A man she has been taking care of for 8 years and was relatively healthy was forced into a LTC facility earlier this year (yes - FORCED). Earlier this week he fell and ended up in a coma due to a hematoma. He was just transferred to the palliative care of a hospice, and they reported that it will be "hours or days".

My wife is convinced that the LTC facility is responsible because he "gave up" after being isolated from family, friends, and from her - and she's a *medically trained* caregiver.

What the government has done to the elderly is sinful, horrible, and unforgivable.

I send prayers for those, like my wife, who try to care for the most delicate lives among us, and I pray for those delicate lives as well.

But what I think about the government officials who caused those delicate lives to be extinguised... is anything but a prayer.

Old NFO said...

There are more than just her... And more to come.

Jerry said...

One doesn't need a degree in statistics to realize that so many have died with COVID that it appears that COVID is curing heart disease, stroke, and cancer which is of course ludicrous.

The average number of weekly expected deaths is about 55,000. If the weekly death tally is at or below that number we can only conclude that COVID has run its course.

So what are all the new positive tests? I suspect this is best explained by the Pays Peter Law. ", When you see large groups of people doing something stupid or self destructive it is because they are somehow being paid."

Glen Filthie said...

If you’ve been watching these types as I have, you’ll notice they stopped talking about deaths, and are now talking about cases. It’s scarier that way.