Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Good summary of why Trump is increasing his lead over Biden

The Czar of Muscovy has a typically insightful analysis of last week's debate, and particularly of Joe's comment that he would kill the oil industry.  Many people have pointed out that this will cost Biden Pennsylvania (at least), but the Czar says it goes much deeper and highlights why Joe is such a terrible candidate:

He announced that he would seek to end the oil industry. Trump wheeled around and asked him to repeat that. Biden did, and announced he would—as president—end America’s use of fossil fuels. Trump was handed gold, and he made sure Americans recognized this as big news, especially folks living in Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Oklahoma.

Biden had a definite look of panic on his face as Trump named those states. Even he realized he just gave Trump 83 electoral votes, mumbling something about “on public lands” and “subsidies,” but Trump drowned out his babbling by reminding voters in those states what Biden just announced. There would be no walking that back, even with the media’s certain (and ultimately proven) covering for him on Friday. It was said, and at this point, if polls in other states stay where they are, those 83 votes will put Trump over.

Bear in mind, this doesn’t affect just four states. Shutting down oil and fossil fuels in this country will put nearly one million Americans out of their current jobs, in the form of drilling, mining, trucking, piping, distribution, distillation, manufacture, plasticization, and more. The Depression here will crush world markets that depend on us. Did Biden mean for all this? Probably not, but he reassured America that Biden, after 47 years in government, has literally no understanding of how the economy works.

My emphasis added.  This is the key point - after a half century in office, Joe is the one who is supposed to be "Presidential", to know "how to get things done".  Well, that's the marketing - and why Obama picked him as Vice President back in 2008 (to add some gravitas to people worried about a very new face).  And what we see put on display for the world is a confused old man babbling obvious nonsense about an enormously important topic.

The question in everyone's mind right now is what other enormously important topics will we get a bunch of nonsense babbled at us?  To ask that question two weeks before the election is to explain the entirety of Trump's juggernaught.  The group of voters who thought that Joe was the safe, bland choice are now breaking for Trump, choosing competence over marketing fluff.

And kudos to the moderator for asking the question.  Likely Biden would have answered very differently if it had been the first question rather than the last (he clearly was running down mentally by the end) - but this was also a very revealing moment.  After all, the presidency is a grueling job and it takes considerable stamina to hold up under the strain and to make good decisions under stress.  Joe showed that he entirely lacks that capacity.


libertyman said...

Did Biden wear a "wire" during that debate, I wonder? Who needs gas, oil and the thousand products that are made from oil? Everyone, that's who. Here is Biden who never worked a real job in his life telling the world that we can get away from our energy and product sources.

The frightening part is that people will actually vote for this guy.

Eagle said...

Libertyman, the truly frightening part is that some people appear to be more interested in "virtue signaling" than in being virtuous.

Americans have had it so good for so long that they have lost perspective. They don't know what it's like to live in a truly restrictive society with a real "strongman" in charge.

They are horrified by a President who uses crude language, bombast, and childish name-calling when Tweeting.

But they have no objection to those who call for violence against political opponents, accuse others of being "worse than Hi...r", "N...is", accuse them of being racists, and worse.

How sad.

Old NFO said...

47 years vs. 47 months... THAT was the clincher, in addition to admitting the truth on oil.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Borepatch;

Between that and the Hunter Laptop/Emails...yep. Now I have been seeing Obungler finally stumping for Biden at the end trying to help resurrect the corpse with his magic and it ain't working and Biden's wife trying to do campaign commercials because she sounds competent and he sounds goofy. Even in my blue county, the plethora of Trump sighs I see are reassuring in peoples yards, whereas there is no excitement for "Gropy Joe"

Allen said...

There is an acceptable norm most people look for in someone in an executive position. I think a lot of people are coming to realize that Biden will make a poor executive. They might agree with some of his positions but being able to do the job effectively is a whole other matter.

We've all had that employer that we don't really care for but they are effective. When it comes to crunch time most people pick ability over liking someone.

Murphy(AZ) said...

IF Joe gets elected, and that's a mighty big IF, what happens to the Hunter Laptop scandal?

Officially, nothing. It will die in the shadows of a Justice Department file room.

But! There will be Conservatives who will try to follow on with what's already available. When Bernie gets shunted away and given nothing of what he was promised by the Liberals to get him out of the way for Biden, when Kamala takes over because Joe has developed some serious health problem that will prevent him from continuing as President, there will be pissed off wonks, the nameless, faceless worker bees who are going to do the damage. They're the ones who will release the secret documents, the meeting notes, who will name names and stir the pot.

It's funny in a sad sore of way, that 47 years of doing nothing useful, Gropin' Joe will be brought down by his greedy son.

Glen Filthie said...

Our economy up here in Alberta is all oil and gas - and the industries that support it. I pay more for fuel than most of you Yanks, even though the stuff is made in my back yard. The faggot faced POS we have for a prime minister is a greentard and hates the oil patch, and he is moving to end it as Creepy Joe plans. With everyone out of work, he compensates with the dole. What was left standing after the collapse of the oilfield has pretty much been wiped out by the coronavirus. By next year, I see a full on depression. People will walk away from their mortgages, jump out of windows, and end their small businesses. Then it will be mutiny on the Bounty.

The hell of it is we did it to ourselves.

Richard said...

If the Democrats nominated Pol Pot, he would get at least 45% of the vote. Maybe more since being dead, he has a special affinity with a key Democrat constituency. That is the problem, not Biden's obvious mental decline coming on top of a non-too-bright baseline, nor some policy statement, nor the obvious corruption.

It is unsafe to stay in the same country with people like that.

Ken said...

Murphy's point has something to it, though I expect Bernie will get another house out of allowing himself to be shunted aside.