Thursday, March 30, 2017

The orbiting (Libertarian) Mind Control Ray

Anarcho-capitalist revolutionary and former blogger extraordinaire TJIC emails with interesting news:
Since we last spoke I moved out of the socialist hell hole of
Massachusetts, and am now living on a farm in New Hampshire.

I hope all is even half as well with you!

I've got a favor to ask:

I recently finished a science fiction novel and I've launched it via

It's very red-tribe, so I think your readers would like it (if someone
is a Larry Correia / Robert Heinlein / Neal Stephenson fan, this is
right up their alley).

If you could mention it to your readers, I'd really appreciate it!

The link takes you to a delicious description of Hard Science Fiction which he has endeavored to capture.  Here's a flavor of what will be one of your best reads today:
I've flipped past thousands of books featuring tattooed Strong Woman vampire hunters, Hollywood love stories that have nothing to do with science fiction except that they're set on a spaceship, tales of beautiful intuitive women who must choose between suitors while arranging a revolution against the Bad People, adolescent wizards, and more, while looking for the novels I want to read.

Where are the Heinleins, the Nivens, the Pournelles, of today? Sure, there are a few - but not enough.

Out of frustration, I finally wrote the novels that I wanted to read - and with this kickstarter, you can read them too.

If you, like me, drifted away from science fiction because it gravitated from hard to squishy-soft, then you should check this out.  There's even a video at the ink.  Alas, it's about his novel, rather than the greatest anarchy-capitalist TV script ever written.

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Rick C said...

I wondered what happened--he stopped updating his blog about the book a couple years ago.