Friday, March 31, 2017

Happy World Backup Day!

Except every day is World Backup Day.  But that's as good an excuse to party as any. (you should read the article at the link, which offers great advice on how to keep from losing your data)

It's been a while since I've beat this drum, but you do know that backing up your data is perhaps the most important security act you can do?  I thought you did.

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Old NFO said...

Always do this on Sunday morning. :-)

B said...

2 kinds of data.

Backed up


lee n. field said...

preaching to the paranoid choir.

Coyote Hubbard III said...

I recall the days of using 52 3.5in. floppies to back up my first new comp i ever owned. It was a PowerMac 6100 and bought the option with a daughter card that had a 486DX 66 MHz processor so I could run windows 6.11 too. It took me hours to do a backup of all that, and you had to babysit it to swap floppies till it completed. While a pain in the ass, it saved my bacon at least twice. Once the HD failed, replaced under warranty, the second time, I managed to trash the Mac OS 7 so badly (trash is what happened, dragged the wrong thing and the system wasnt as self protective then and "Empty Trash" did just that)

Have never lost data I could not restore ever. Got lucky my geek side force was strong enough then to carry over to still apply today.