Friday, March 17, 2017

Spying for the .GOV is bad for your business

Interesting observations while shopping for a TV:
Not too oddly, the Best Buy parking lot was surprisingly empty… And all their Geek Squad trucks were still parked. Something about the news saying they were spying on their customers for the FBI seems to have dampened business. Inside had about as many staff as customers. When I came out, my car was alone in its row, and the two rows each side of me were empty. I counted 25 cars in that lot (one of two) that included staff. Perhaps companies ought to consider that before bending over for The Feds Spying Operations… 
Interesting too, was that in Costco I asked about the Smart vs Dumb TVs. The clerk (who was actually clueful) and I got to talking. Seems a LOT of folks were asking about “dumb TVs” as they didn’t want their TV to spy on them. Note to Samsung et. al.: You will see a large drop in Smart TV sales for a while. Perhaps a long while…
There's also a bunch about cutting the cord with Roku.


Anonymous said...

The Feds Spying Operations

Perhaps he should have called it the Feds Spying Business.

(For the love of God please tell me someone gets that....)

Old NFO said...

Yep, gonna hit the pocketbook there... and yes, 'I' get it :-D

LindaG said...

We have a "smart tv". We have never plugged it into the internet. Though we do have direct tv; which is probably just as bad. I just don't worry as I am not doing anything wrong.

Ah well. Too bad for them.

Phil said...

So being a technophobe is the new "In" thing?
My recalcitrance to embrace all these new whiz bang things is gonna make me retro and cool again.
I don't wanna be cool and I don't wanna get ratted out to any 3 letter agencies by my freakin' toaster either.
I just want my appliances to do the job I bought 'em for wihtout all the fancy crap they build in to 'em anymore.

As a matter of fact, the older the appliance, the better I like it.
I drive a 34 year old Chevy that can't be hacked either.
I saw what was coming with the electronic spying capabilities on cars way back in the early nineties when I worked for Ford.
No thank you.