Sunday, April 26, 2015

Adam Falckenhagen - Fugue in A major

Image von der Wik
We sometimes hear classical guitar, which has survived in modern times mostly via Spain.  Guitar is actually a fairly modern instrument; in ancient times the harp was dominant but by the Renaissance the Lute had taken pride of place.

Since #2 Son and I go to the Renaissance Faire today, lute music seemed somehow appropriate.

Of course, this isn't from the Renaissance, but rather from the Baroque age.  Adam Falkenhagen was a German composer who was considered the master of the lute - so much so in fact that he was made the court lutenist by the sister of Frederick the Great.  Falkenhagen had studied under Johann Sebastian Bach, and this piece is a pretty standard baroque fugue.  Not at all renaissance.

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libertyman said...

Another new one, man you have the most wide ranging tastes and I appreciate every Sunday music lesson.
I always learn something on your blog.