Friday, April 3, 2015

Only two Howard Johnson's restaurants remain

And one - where I had my first regularly paying job - may soon close:
The orange roof and telltale spire have long been gone from the Howard Johnson Restaurant and Lounge in Bangor. But for regulars at the 49-year-old restaurant, it’s still that familiar, cozy place where they’ve eaten for decades.
It also is one of the last two Howard Johnson’s in the country, after the Lake Placid, New York, location closed Tuesday. However, in the coming months, the Bangor HoJos may close as well.
It was in High School, and the restaurant had only been open maybe ten years.  It was always busy, busy enough to hire a high school student dishwasher.  Now on it's way to the Great Beyond.

Hat tip: Rick, via email.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts:

Graybeard said...

"90 Miles from Tyranny" posted a photo ad from 1964 from HoJo, of a steak dinner for $2.45. I always thought of HoJo as a budget family kind of place, but I was a kid - what could I know?

I have tons of pleasant memories of eating at HoJo on family trips, and staying at their Motor Lodges. Another American icon dying.

Anonymous said...

Always loved the local HoJo!

The times, they are a changin'...


Bob said...

Wish I had some of their "grilled in butter" hot dogs in front of me right now, along with a milk shake.