Friday, April 17, 2015

Things I've learned in Punta Cana

Una fresco is local lingo for "a cold one" (beer).  The bartenders all grin when a gringo like me orders one.  Heh.

When you go for a walk on the beach all the way to the point (end of the picture), your legs complain about the workout.  Water has a lot more resistive force than air ...

It's hard to get away to the WiFi zone without getting my butt kicked.

Flying back tomorrow, and so blogging (by me) will be back to normal soon.  Of course, ASM826 is doing a fine job of keeping the free ice cream machine stocked with cold, yummy pixels.  Thanks, buddy!

1 comment:

libertyman said...

Shouldn't it be "una fresca"? Maybe the mismatch is what provides a chuckle?
It is always better to try the lingo, I think. My French promotes much merriment in France at times, but I keep trying.