Wednesday, April 8, 2015

America's first Communist President

It's not who you think:
Eisenhower enjoyed incredibly favorable media coverage. "Just suppose that some real anti-Communist general, like Albert Wedemeyer, had had the smelly liaison with his female chauffeur that Eisenhower enjoyed with Kay Summersby. Do you suppose that half the press of the country would be constantly playing up Wedemeyer (even if he were president), by pictures and by articles, as a wonderful family man? Or suppose MacArthur, as Supreme Commander in Europe, had been drunk and unavailable the night the Battle of the Bulge began. Can you imagine how many times that story would have been retold by the Communist- inspired columnists? Or suppose Taft, at the 1952 Republican Convention, had made the dirty undercover deal with a candidate for the Vice-Presidency that Eisenhower made."
The (long) post opens with this throwing down of the gauntlet:
Your mind is almost certainly not open enough for this book.
Some might object that the first Communist President of this Republic was the latter Roosevelt.  I beg to differ: he was a fascist.  The distinction is a subtle one, I grant you.

Of course, this whole thing is purely of historical interest.  All our Presidents are communists now.


Arthur said...

"Some might object that the first Communist President of this Republic was the latter Roosevelt."

No love for Woodrow Wilson?

Borepatch said...


Wilson was also a fascist.

Paul Bonneau said...

Yeah, FDR definitely was a fascist; don't forget he got fan mail from Adolf Hitler. As was Lincoln, although back then the scam was called "internal improvements". Lincoln's entire career was devoted to the incestuous connection between government and corporations.