Thursday, April 2, 2015

Government healthcare stinks, part 1,385

Government dehumanizes everything it touches:
But the economics of this kind of place are such that every body through the door is nothing but a drain on resources, and no-one is making any effort to conceal this fact.

Truly it is a miserable place to be. I do not expect a medical waiting room to be jolly, but I saw not the merest hint of a smile from any staff, and the receptionist was very grumpy about my address being out of date on her computer. There is no welcome; no sympathy; no bedside manner.
Read the whole sorry thing.


Tony Tsquared said...

I know the pain. The health care I have had is no longer available this year. I had to get Obamacare. My doctor is not part of the network and anything I pay him does not go toward my deductible - I am on my own if I choose to keep my doctor. The lab that does my bloodwork is not covered as well. The process to get my bloodwork through a covered lab has been a small nightmare. That was two weeks ago.

This week I get notified by the pharmacy that 2 of my monthly scripts are no longer on the formulary. It was covered the past two months and now they are not. I have my yearly physical next week and I can't wait to see what will happen next.

Old NFO said...

Be glad you're not in the VA loop...