Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Letting go, holding on

Which you choose to keep and which you choose not to.  This will be the best thing you read today.

It hits close to home for me.  I have a house full of memories of a 26 year marriage that ended last year.  I had thought that it would be quick to sort through the things, to clear and down size, to make this my place as opposed to our place.

That proceeds, but not as I had expected.  Life is not as we would have it, but if we live it right, the unanticipated path leads to where we can be happy.


burt said...

Part with some of the valuable things by giving them to Goodwill or another charity. You'd be surprised how good you'll feel when you know that someone else *who needs it more than you* will be able to use it.

And it makes it a lot easier to part with the less valuable things.

Tewshooz said...

Not to goodwill, please. They get lots of govt grants and the owner of this private enterprise is filthy rich. Better to give to the Salvation Army or local Senior Citizens thrift shop, if you have one.

Anonymous said...

Or take certain items out to the range and use as target practice it could be very therapeutic.