Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ever want to just whack the heck out of someone with a sword?

Tired of the wussy "Peace Tied" swords at the Renaissance Faire?  Secretly long to whack someone good and hard with a longsword?  Then this is your cup of tea:

Via Isegoria, who finds the coolest stuff.


libertyman said...

A friend is doing this in Poland, as we speak.


drjim said...

A sword? No, but I've wanted to take a 2x4 to some people!

knirirr said...

I'd not heard of "peace tying" swords, but a quick Google revealed the details of this practice.

Concerning whacking people with swords, I happened to be in your country winning your medals last weekend. The competition scenario (facing two opponents) was rather interesting.

Laura said...

the SCA is on every continent on the planet (even Antarctica!), and encourages people beating each other with sticks.

steel swords aren't allowed in heavy fighting, but the swishy-pokers (fencers) do use steel.

chances are there's a barony or shire near any of your readers. :)