Saturday, April 11, 2015

Airport musings

I had to check in at the brand new International Terminal because I'm, like, flying international. The building is new and pretty swanky - still has that New Terminal smell!

And then I'm headed to my gate, C1.

In the old terminal.

[blink] [blink]

Clearly we have Top Men working on this. Top. Men. I'm thinking that it's after 5:00 somewhere. Kazakhstan, probably ...

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libertyman said...

Hey, where are you going? Bahamas? Caymans? Jamaica ?

Oh boy!

WoFat said...

Oh No! Their secret is out.

Rev. Paul said...

But at least it's the Top Men, right? Right?

Tony Tsquared said...

You found out one of my secrets for navigation the Hartsfield Airport. No matter where your gate is, check in at the international terminal. There are almost no lines, the "better" TSA workers are assigned there and most of them have at least half a brain. The traffic pattern around the terminal is easier at the international if you shave somebody dropping you off or picking you up if you have no checked luggage. It takes just as long after the TSA molesting to get to the B Terminal from either the domestic or international drop off points. The only time I use the domestic terminal is if I have a T or A gate.