Sunday, June 16, 2013

What I got for Father's Day

It's a Benchmade Griptilian.  Nice knife, very well made, lifetime warranty.  I like the combination straight and serrated blade, which looks to be pretty handy.  It cuts like a dream.



greg said...

Oooo...I'm still stuck at the Kershaw price point...but I think other than my Havalon Piranta skinning knife, every knife I own is a combination blade. LOVE them.

Your gift is better than mine. I asked for(and recieved) a couple of new cutting boards...mine were starting to look kind of chopped up.

Anonymous said...

Just picked up a Mini-Griptilian yesterday for my pocket knife. Love it. Cuts very well indeed.

Goober said...

Have the same knife only without the serrated part. If you keep your non serrated knife sharp you've no need for serrations. That's what saws are for.

I keep mine touched up with a high angle utility edge: it will lift hair but only just barely, but with the advantage that it stays that sharp after a lot more use.

Benchmade are good knives. You won't be disappointed.

Goober said...

BTW, get a quality steel and use it daily if possible. I recommend Dexter Russell. Biggest downside to benchmade is that the steel they use is a little too hard for my liking, so if you allow your edge to degrade and lose your hone, its a bitch to get it back. Maintenance of your edge is the key to owning a good knife.

As it were, for good soft steel knives that can get stupid razor sharp, Dexter Russell knives are hard to beat.

Teke said...

I have that exact knife in my pocket right now and love it. The only difference is I have the silver not black blade.