Wednesday, June 19, 2013

North Korea accuses US Government of tyranny

I guess it takes one to know one, but the irony meter is pretty pegged on this:

A commentary in the state newspaper Minju Joson said allegations of monitoring of telephones and emails by former CIA contractor Edward Snowden meant Americans and foreigners alike had been "subject to the espionage that has been applied indiscriminately by the U.S. intelligence institution".

"...This clearly proves once again the U.S. is a kingpin of human rights abuses as it puts the world under its watch network and has conducted espionage against mankind," said the commentary, cited by the official KCNA news agency.
Pretty hard to argue that one, actually.  Ironic irony is ironic.


Anonymous said...

Those who know tyranny are often in an excellent position to spot it in others.

Their hyperbole may be a little much but there are issues we need to address.
Still, I see a huge influx of people trying to get into America versus the efforts it takes to keep people in North Korea. Judge for yourself who are the worst offenders.

Dave H said...

The words "plank" and "eye" come to mind.