Friday, June 21, 2013

The NSA: a uniter, not a divider

The whole NSA "Eye of Sauron" situation has seemingly united the country.  Firefox's's default start page has a link to which is collecting signatures to ask Congress to come clean on what the NSA is up to.  The list of organizations who have signed up is an interesting Who's Who of opposites:
Occupy Wall Street NYC and Mansville North Central Ohio Tea Party
DailyKos and the Tenth Amendment Center and the Competitive Enterprise Institute
Wow - I'm kind of digging this whole "Shoulder to Shoulder" thing.  And the memes continue to satisfy:

And satisfy:

At last we know the answer to the question "Where have all the good men gone?"  They're working at NSA ...


Anonymous said...

United the country? Where do you get that? Sing in the shower much?

The lead headline on one of the major news sites I read is currently about Greek yogurt. The survey you link to doesn't say how many signatures it has, probably because the number is embarrassingly tiny.

Tens of thousands turn out in Turkey to protest a building project and an authoritarian government.

Hundreds of thousands turn out in Brasil to protest the corruption around the soccer world cup.

So, how many Americans marched on Washington to protest the NSA?

Oh. Oops.

Borepatch said...

Brad, we'll see. But Nancy Pelosi just got booed at the Netroots convention when she stuck up for the NSA.

Personally, I expect a bunch of signs at Tea Party rallies saying "NSA: Monitor *this*".

If I'm wrong, I'll gladly refund the price of this post. ;-)