Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Carter Family - Can the circle be unbroken

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It's possible that this is the most famous country music song ever written.  The Carter Family was really the foundation of country music - while music existed before them, it was heard at tent revivals and local gatherings; the Carter Family brought it to radio and millions of listeners.

This isn't old school, this created old school.  It's the country music of my grandparents (who, it must be said, never quite cottoned to the newfangled "outlaw" music of Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard). 

I never much cared for it, growing up on that Johnny Cash (and the Beatles).  This was too old fashioned, too corny, too religious.  Now I have a little more appreciation for the impact of this music.  Everything that came after was made possible by this.

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Rob said...

Good find. I don't see why you can't like both The Carter Family and Haggard :) In a way, I think there are some Bluegrass bands today that carry on the traditional country music sound.