Monday, June 17, 2013


The Silicon Graybeard find the ne plus ultra of the battle of the sexes.  Do not have a mouthful of coffee when you watch this.

You've been warned.  I'd say that I've had precisely this conversation but can neither confirm nor deny whether this has happened.  Srlsy, that's above my threshold of pain.


The Big Guy said...

Yes, I have learned, after 22 years of being married to The Woman Who Knows Most Things to ASK, point blank, if she just wants me to listen, or is she looking for input.

It takes self-control, but it can be done.


Dave H said...

My life got a lot easier when I learned that lesson. It was a rocky road up to that point though.

Rev. Paul said...

What TBG said. It was an occasionally-painful lesson, but I finally learned.

instinct said...

I just grunt, nod and then go and best things with a club. It's easier that way