Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bluegrass Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

I had a fabulous German dinner at Alpharetta's Breadtime Bistro and Provisions, which I think is the best German food I've had on these shores other than Gaithersburg's late, lamented Wurtzburg Haus.  The idea of a German couple could end up far from their native land made me think on the cultural flows around us.  We get great food and drink.

They get Country music.  Well, OK - Bluegrass.  Via Saurkraut Cowboys* we find this gem of cultural diffusion, where a Czech bluegrass group plays Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.  Awesome.

* Sturm, Twang, and the imaginary Wild West in Europe.  Awesome, again.


Brad_in_IL said...


Isn't saying "best German food" a bit like saying "most reliable Jaguar" ??

And I say this as being of mostly German heritage.

- Brad

Spec-Ops Medic said...

Most reliable jaguar is an oxymoron.
Best German food is a pleonasm.
So no, not even by a "bit."