Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Quote of the day: we have small dicks edition

Goober (in the comments here) nails the vacuity - nay, the bovinity - of the gun banners.  His comment is reprinted here in full, worthy of being engraved on marble in letters of gold:
I have so much trouble explaining to my anti-gun acquaintances why I carry a gun and why I keep a loaded gun locked up in a quick-vault in my room. They tend to accuse me of fantasizing about shooting a bad guy and being a hero. 

It doesn't matter to them how many examples like this you show, they just claim that you're at more risk of shooting yourself than you are of the bad guy (not true) or that your kid is more likely to get hold of it and hurt herself than it will be used to protect her (also not true). 

How do you explain to someone who will literally scrap the Constitution in order to protect themselves from the miniscule risks associated with legal gun ownership and terrorism that they've focused on the wrong boogeyman?

Al Qaeda is not a risk to the average American. Billy-Bob the methhead IS. Yet they want the PATRIOT act to strip our 4th and 5th amendment rights to protect us from Al Qaeda while making fun of guys like me that are focusing on the real risks. They want to ban guns in America because less than 100 people died in the last decade in mass shootings, and make fun of me for worrying about Tooki from the 'hood who has harmed and killed THOUSANDS in the same time period. 

I don't get it. How do you explain to someone who thinks I have a small dick and want to shoot someone so I can be a hero that I'm praying for peace, but preparing for war just in case?
Word.  All I can suggest is this.  Baaaaa.


bluesun said...

I've had drugged out people knock on my door and ask for a light. My neighbor's house was burnt down with a drive-by molotov cocktail (and last I heard still no arrests). I've had those same neighbors stand in front of my house screaming at me over something I had nothing to do with. I live in what any liberal elite would call a "good neighborhood." Don't you go talking to me about "fantasies" and keep your ignorant, idiotic dick jokes to yourself, you disconnected sickos.

Donald Hawk said...

I have stopped explaing I just say F**k you thats why

ProudHillbilly said...

Gee. I didn't think I had one of those.

I've simply come to the conclusion that there are way more stupid people in the U.S. than there used to be.

BobG said...

Gun grabbers spend more time thinking about my dick than I do.

Jester said...

How does that old saying go? Some men just can't be reached? Or was it you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink? (Perhaps appropriate as most of these types are horses asses.)
The battle is in the middle, and informing the constituents that vote of the facts.
That and this basic fact about life itself, that goes beyond liberty and freedom: No one is responsible for your protection. You have to take active responsibility for your own protection.

And frankly telling them because they don't want to be responsible for their own lives does not give them a right to take away my ability to protect my life.

But folks at the end of the day we have more and more people that are alive because they don't have to be responsible for their own lives. They already sold their souls to the government.

Old NFO said...

In a nutshell (or sack), I think he's hit the nail on the head...

Graybeard said...

Regrettably, I must offer a correction that removes some power from the comment. He says, "They want to ban guns in America because less than 100 people died in the last decade in mass shootings, and make fun of me for worrying about Tooki from the 'hood who has harmed and killed THOUSANDS in the same time period."

Going back to 1980, the average number of victims is closer to 75 per year. He could have said, "less 100 people per year died in the last decade". The source wants me to register now, but I copied their plots here.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows how stupid the average person is. But, 50% are stupider than that! (Paraphrasing George Carlin...)


Wraith said...

"Yes, yes...you got me. My penis is so small, it can only be measured theoretically. I could anally violate a sleeping flea and not awaken it. I have the smallest dingus in history.

"Now that that's out of the way, let's get back to the discussion at hand, which has nothing to do with anyone's pink cigar."

(BoBG's got it right. WHO are the ones obsessed with penis size, again?)

Goober said...

Borepatch - I'm blushing.

Graybeard - that's what I meant to say. I didn't mean less than 100 in the last decade, I meant less than 100 per year in the last decade. Either way, it's a very small number - much smaller than the havoc wrought by your typical every day standard by standard criminal in the US against which these people would love to have me disarmed.

Goober said...

Bluesun - We've all had those experiences. In fact, I have a perfect counter-point in any argument that they make that "the only use for a gun is to kill," because my gun saved a life once.

My neighbor across the street was allowing his troubled brother to stay on his property in a 5th wheel trailer in the back pasture. One night, brother-man came home drunk or drugged or both, and went to work on his brother with a knife. Wounded and bloody, he ran across the street, where I met him, .357 in hand, and stood guard over him while his brother paced on the other side of the street, obviously considering his chances of making it across to finish his brother off without getting shot. I never said a word to him, never presented the gun as a threat... because I didn't have to. It being there, in my hand, was enough.

There is no doubt in my mind that if it weren't for me standing there in my lawn with that wheelgun shining in the sun and clearly and evidently there and ready to use, that my neighbor would have been murdered by his own brother that day. Chances are good that I would have likely gotten wounded or killed, too, since I'm not the type to watch a man get killed on my front lawn without doing something about it.

From the moment that I met him on the front lawn to the moment that the police showed up was just over 17 minutes. 17 minutes during which, if it hadn't been for my .357 magnum, this innocent, good man would likely have been systematically butchered by his drugged-up brother.

So, yeah, I've never killed anyone with a gun, but I sure believe that I saved a life once.