Thursday, January 17, 2013

Obama trolls the gun control crowd

After a month of the Big Guy weeping in a press conference, sending his wing man to hobnob with every anti-gun organization on the planet, and standing on a stage surrounded by school kids to announce a For Teh Childrenz™ program that ZOMGWEHAVETODORIGHTNOW, what do we get?

And the anti gun crowd will love him for the nothing* that he did so publicly.  Well played, Mr. President.  Well played indeed.

* For example, he very well might have been able to ban the importation of all semi-automatic firearms via Executive Order.  He didn't.


Chris said...

I've been predicting for a few weeks now that his strategy would bear remarkable resemblance to the "rope-a-dope" tactic used by Muhammad Ali.

Sabra said...

They do indeed love him for it, if the reaction on Facebook is anything to go by.