Sunday, January 27, 2013

What I learned to do today

How to cut up a rabbit.  Two, exactly.  It's not that different from cutting up a chicken, really.  The thighs come off just like a chicken's.  The forelegs are different from the wings - closer to the chicken thighs than to the wings, really.  There's no breast meat to deal with (to speak of, anyway), but the loin (down pretty much the entire backbone) is like nothing I've ever done.  I mangled the first one, but got the other three more or less intact.

Recipe later, after dinner.  It looks pretty damn good, but you'll have to wait until we've eaten.


Wolfman said...

The first rabbit I ate was wild. I got it while deer hunting (never did see any deer that trip). It was mighty tasty, roasted on the fire. We just went old school, though, no slicing involved.

Bob said...

Did you remove the scent gland?

Kansas Scout said...

Slow cooking is best. You want to avoid drying it out and making it tough. Lots of folks marinade overnight with various things. Enjoy. Here in the midwest, in SE Mo and Ar. they have Swamp Rabbits and they taste great...young is best.

Jennifer said...

Mmm. Love some rabbit. Excellent on the smoker

Goober said...


My rabbit stew recipe that I posted here earlier got s-canned for some reason.

Perhaps too long? I don't know.

Anyway, you may want to follow this here link and try it out - Wabbit makes the best stew evah!