Friday, January 25, 2013

Quote of the Day, Cold Civil War edition

Clarity is a virtue.  The good thing about the Democrat's latest run at guns is that it's all out in the open now, not hidden behind carefully worded platitudes like "common sense gun control".  Now that it's out for everyone to see, people are seeing it:
The issue there was not guns but the use of tax money to pay for teachers of religion. In the paragraph quoted above, [James] Madison went on to say that citizens should object to the requirement of paying even "three pence" to support a religion because a government that extracts even that trifle may go on to coerce religious conformity. The small things are not small. The small things are where the people still have the capacity to fight authoritarian government.

Democrats know this. They are part of this American culture of deeply engrained belief in constitutional rights. What is different to the Democrats is that they don't believe that the right to keep and bear arms is a constitutional right. They think the Supreme Court misinterpreted the Second Amendment when it found a constitutional right. District of Columbia v. Heller was a 5 to 4 decision, and the 5 are the 5 Justices, still on the Court, whom the Democratic Senators would love to have a chance to replace.

The NYT portrays the folks back home in West Virginia as misinformed, troublesome, and hysterical. That’s what we’re dealing with.
We've known this for a long time, but this is from politically middle-of-the-road law professor Ann Althouse.  Clarity is a virtue, the game afoot.  Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of the Cold Civil War.

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Goober said...

Libs love projection. When they start accusing you of hysterics, look for hysterics to follow shortly thereafter. When they accuse you of having a little dick...

Nuff said.