Sunday, January 13, 2013

But why do you need a rocket launcher on your car?

Because f**k you, is why. 

Including I haven't been this bored since I last read a book by Jane Austin.  Heh.  And it's true that you just don't get slatted armor that will detonate Rocket Propelled Grenades on family hatchbacks.  And the tracks on the tank only have as much pressure on the ground as a man on skis.  We could run over Piers Morgen to see if that was true.  Double heh.  And quite frankly, who wouldn't want to shoot a machine gun at a Lexus?  Triple heh.

Top Gear is simply the best TV show, ever.

1 comment:

OMMAG said...

Much more satisfying than simple punching the fenders on Lexus.