Saturday, January 12, 2013

Justin Moore - Guns

There's a Cold Civil War that's burning in this land.  On one side are people who want to live the way they always have; on the other side are people who think that they're smarter and so should be able to tell everyone else how to live.  Quite frankly, there's no bridging this divide.  The latter group simply does not understand the first's motivations, and cannot empathize with them or imagine how they think.  The first group understands the second all too well.

And so we keep hearing demands for a "conversation".  To some of us, it seems that there's been a conversation going on for decades, but one side doesn't want to listen - rather, all they want to do is talk, telling everyone else what to think and how to live.  They seem surprised that the rest of us don't bother listening any more.

Justin Moore is one of those who don't listen, but who can help the Know-It-Alls to understand how the other side thinks.  Artists and singers have always spoken for their generation, putting into words what is felt by many, articulated by few.  Piers Morgan won't be able to understand this song, which says about all you need to know about him.

This debate isn't about the ostensible goals of gun control.  It's part of a Cold Civil War where one side seeks to subject the other, and where the other resists.  Where the Little Guy gets put in his place while the Rich and Powerful get away with whatever they want.  Where collective punishment is meted out on the innocent in retaliation for the crimes of the guilty.

Otherwise we'd see an actual debate, instead of a lecture.  Me, I'm done talking to people who aren't interested in listening.


Old NFO said...

I see the spammer hit you... That's the same one that hit me. And concur with your points!!!

Graybeard said...

Quite frankly, there's no bridging this divide and that's why this Cold Civil War is likely to go hot.

One of our Philosopher Kings is going to make a serious misstep and the shooting is going to start. There are those who believe that's what they want, so they can clamp down with martial law and destroy the rest of the constitution.

I don't think they want to open that can. But I fear they will.

Teke said...

Sine November my Facebook friends list has been cut by 2/3 including a few cousins.
My wife got mad at me because at family events I refuse to keep my mouth shut when her collectivist cousins open their mouths.
This bring a line from Tombstone to mind. "There bugs...there's no living with bugs."

mycrofth4 said...

Why is "colonialism" bad when it's western governments trying to prevent third world tyrants from abusing their people, but good when it's Progressives forcing middle Americans to change the way we live?

ASM826 said...

We had this conversation. It's over now. Either go away and let me live my life or be a huge hypocrite and bring enough force to make me comply.