Saturday, January 26, 2013

Why I won't ever use Groupon

Groupon (an online coupon service) has suspended all firearms related activities.  They are a private business (well, publicly traded; work with me here) and so are fully within their rights to do so.  Fill Yer Hands did the leg work I'm too lazy to do and emailed them a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot missive. Surprisingly, they replied:
Please note that we have never sold guns, and this hiatus only applies to firearm-related deals including shooting ranges, clay pigeon shooting, and concealed weapons training classes. We have not made a final determination regarding this category — we are simply taking a break and may reevaluate in the future.
Go ahead and take a hiatus - this tells me everything I need to know, and I won't do business with them, even if they change their minds.  This is a Cold Civil War and they have chosen sides.  I can respect that, although I have chosen the other side.

But respect doesn't mean that I have to ever deal with them.  Let them shrink their market to only what will be supported by the gun control side.

The Cold Civil War means that you don't sleep with the enemy.  Groupon has chosen to make themselves my enemy, at least for my "wallet share".  Hope you enjoy the smaller Total Addressable Market, Groupon!

Be sure to click through to Fill Yer Hands' post, and to spread this to everyone who hasn't heard.  It's now Our Side and Their Side, and we need to support ours and shun theirs.


Keith said...

PayPal appears to have the same ridiculous policies. Just cancelled my account with them.q

Fred said...

Good to see this attitude propagating, actually. For way too long we, on one side, have acquiesced to the other side's financial predations.

We'll shop at retail chains that have quiet, unspoken anti-gun policies, store our money at banks that make us leave our guns in the car and insure our autos with outfits whose leaders use the proceeds to support organizations antithetical to our rights.

I doubt it's possible to avoid commerce with all of them, but we can be aware of who's who and where our money ultimately goes, and let those we financially shun know why we're sending our dollars elsewhere.

"Cold Civil War" is the best description I've heard yet (thanks, BP), and not consorting with the enemy is the first step.

Kim said...

If I had a good alternative Paypal would be gone as well. Groupon absolutely is. Stupidity.

greg said...

The most distressing thing to happen in this perfectly labeled 'Cold Civil War' is that Stephen King came out in support of an assault weapons ban Friday. I'm just glad he finished the Dark Tower series before he did.

deadmandance said...

Here's where I go "what's groupon?"

Unknown said...

"Here's where I go 'what's groupon?'"

A failed business desperately trying to cling to some shred of relevance by alienating a large part of their customer base.

Jay G said...

Just attached this to yesterday's post about PayPal. Thanks for the update Borepatch!