Monday, December 10, 2012

What were the popular video games?

The real answer is that it changed over time.  This is pretty cool:

There are some people who earn a pretty good living by analyzing the video game industry. Then there are just average Joes who spend countless hours crunching the numbers and creating infographics just for the heck of it. Often it’s the latter that manages to really impress us.

Case in point — Reddit user NcikVGG, who combed through a huge database of 24,000 video games and charted out exactly how gaming tastes have changed over the years. The charts go back to 1975 and provide a fascinating look at how the industry has evolved.
Here's one of his charts:

More than a couple are well represented in Camp Borepatch.  The Mame Machine remains surprisingly popular.  They made some cool games back in the arcade days.


Old NFO said...

Yep, when you started out with pong, the ONLY place to go was up! :-)

Elsweyr said...

Hmm, RPG's seem to have been more or less stable this whole time. Fallout and Elder Scrolls shouldn't ever get old.