Thursday, December 20, 2012

A short review of The Hobbit

There's a big post that will have to wait, but here's the pocket guide to the movie:

If you liked the Lord Of The Rings movies, you'll like this.  If the Lord Of The Rings movies bugged the Tolkien purist in you, then this will bug you.

Oh yeah, if you bought the soundtrack to the Lord Of The Rings, you already have all the music from this one.


Bob said...

Do you mean that Howard Shore phoned it in, or they actually re-used the music from LOTR?

Borepatch said...

Bob, I'm not sure if it's the same music, but *lots* of the same themes are there. That may count as "phoned it in".

ASM826 said...

And don't start saying, "I don't remember that from the book..."

Just roll with it.

Chris Byrne said...

Yeah... but I bet he gets anther Oscar for this one.

and "Over the misty mountains cold" is worth it all by itself.

orbitup said...

My kind of movie review, thanks.

Rob K said...

I was disappointed in how derivative all the music seemed to be. It was all referential to stuff in the LotR movies, nothing new and creative to make this movie stand up by itself.