Friday, December 21, 2012

In which I get my tinfoil hat on

Long time readers know that it's not often that I don my Wookie Suit and hit the low crawl down the slit trench.  But this makes my skin crawl, because it's horrifyingly plausible. No, it's not about guns.  It's about electric cars.  With the bankruptcies going through the automotive and "Green" power industries, you know what's some of the most valuable assets for liquidation?

Patents.  Thar's Intellectual Property in them thar hills.

And guess who's buying up all the patents for anything related to electric car power plants?  The oil companies.

I see you rolling your eyes, and just stop it.  If you really think it through it makes sense:

If you buy an electric car, what happens?  You end up tooling down the road in an electric car.

If you tool down the road in a fully electric ride what happens?  You look like a dork.

This is just your wiser big brother Exxon-Mobil watching out for you.  You'll thank him some day.


Anonymous said...

BP am I missing a joke here?

I hear the cool kids beaking off about how "Eeeeeeevil Big Oil is choking the green industry because they hate the nigger in the Whitehouse and shut up you racist!!!"

This is merely capitalism going on. If I were in oil and saw all the easy cash the gubbermint was throwing at the green initiatives I would get in the game for the PR alone - stupid people need to see the ecologically friendly side of Big Oil - and if anything useful develops out of it you might actually cash in!

Maybe you should save the tin foil hat for the legalization of drugs.


Dave H said...

Those patents will go in the super-secret Exxon-Mobil trophy room, right next to the 100 MPG carburetor and the Mr. Fusion prototype.

Borepatch said...

I guess I should have used the blinking Internet sarcasm font.