Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas memories

Tis in my memory lock'd,
And you yourself shall keep the key of it.
- William Shakespeare
When I was in my late teens and early twenties, Dad would always make sure that Santa knew to bring a six pack of Beck's beer for my stocking each Christmas.  It became a tradition in the Borepatch household.  He enjoyed sharing Santa's gift with me.

It wasn't the beer, it was having a beer with me.  He probably enjoyed that more than I did, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Today I was out at Whole Foods (or as a friend likes to call it, "Whole Paycheck") getting the fixins for tomorrow's Christmas Feast and I found myself in front of the beer cooler.  My eyes happened to come to rest on the Beck's.

And suddenly I couldn't move.  Choked up, I picked up a six pack, remembering those father-son times so many years ago.  I'll make sure to tell Santa to put some in #1 Son's stocking tonight.  Maybe I'll have another of those Christmas father-son beers.

Merry Christmas, Dad.  Thanks for all those memories.


Bob said...

Great memory, Ted, and the beginning of a new tradition for you and your sons, I hope.

Merry Christmas and God's blessing to you and your family.

JD said...

That is just awesome. You had a great dad Borepatch.

Jester said...

Makes it hard not to choke up a bit myself even after my dad and I shared beer and wine back and forth the past two nights.

Borepatch said...

Thanks guys. Sure wish I had him for one more beer.

Jay G said...

Sure is dusty in here.

Merry Christmas, Borepatch.

Hat Trick said...

Sounds like a good tradition to continue.
Merry Christmas to all at Camp Birepatch