Thursday, December 27, 2012

We have to close the "Talk Show Loophole"

More here.
UPDATE 27 December 2012 19:02: A moment on the Meme Generator produced this:

Feel free to spread to the far corners of Teh Intarwebz.  Hat tip to gator in the comments for coming up with the suggestion.


45er said...

Heh. That's funny there.

Old NFO said...

Any bets they will say it was a 'dummy'???

Chad said...

Just posted it on interesting to see how far it goes.

Borepatch said...

Old NFO, NBC said it was real. On the other hand, these are the ones who attached rockets to make a Ford pickup catch fire, if I recall correctly.

Graybeard said...

The DC Police say NBC asked for permission to do this and were denied. That means they knew it was illegal and willingly broke the law.

Seems like open and shut case to me. Of course, IANAL.

RabidAlien said...

By Zeus' pucker'd butthole....THEY'RE LETTING HIM GET AWAY WITH IT??? Anyone else, one of the "little people", would've been tossed into a deep dark hole until the sun went cold! How, someone please tell me, how did they rationalize letting this arsewipe get away with it? Aren't our "public figures" supposed to be held to the same standards as us unwashed masses? Or are some animals created more equal than others?

/disgusted rant

Borepatch said...

RabidAlien, this just means that this issue will never go away. Throw it back in the face of the gun banners: "First, we must close the Talk Show Loophole."

The discussion from that point will be on the myriad of legal tethers that burden the everyman Gulliver, but which are ignored by the Ruling Class. And then bring up Dianne Feinstein's carry permit and Bloomberg's bodyguards. Ask whether they are More Deserving than your listener.

If it's to be Class Warfare, so be it.