Friday, December 21, 2012

Huh. Still here.

Stupid Mayans*.

Now I guess I have to fill out my HR self-evaluation for my annual review. Oh, and it's winter now** too.  Yay.

* Yeah, yeah, "Maya" not "Mayans".  Keep that up and I'm going to start talking about "high capacity ammunition clips".  Still trying to figure out just wtf the "shoulder thing that goes up" is, though.

** Congratulations to  my readers from the Antipodes, where it's now summer.  Me, I blame Global Warming for all the hot weather you've been having lately.


Sdv1949 said...

You still don't have it right. It's now "high magazine clips."

HTH, John Bernard Books

Anonymous said...

See here's the thing - I keep a daily log of what I do. At the end of every day it gets dumped into my status report. At the end of the week, I fill in the final day's log entries and send out my report.

At periodic intervals I go through the important stuff in the reports, weeding out the daily "noise", and throw that into a small Access database (yeah, I know - I used "Access" and "Database" in the same sentence. Deal).

At the end of the year I run a small query against the database that produces a report for me, noting all of my accomplishments by review category (often a single accomplishment spans multiple categories. It gets repeated in each.

My time to produce this documentation is an hour or two tops spread over the course of a week, and the annual evaluation/ accomplishment cycle now works out to about the same.

Oh - and at year-end, I have over nine pages of documented accomplishments and how they tie to corporate objectives to present to management, each accomplishment being only a few sentences in length.

MSgt B said...

OCD anyone?

I, of course, have no problem telling people how wonderful I am...