Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A teachable moment

There's quite a lot of buzz about NBC's David Gregory and how he broke Washington D.C.'s gun laws by using a 30 round AR Magazine as a prop on "Meet The Press".  More than a couple comments have been that it would be poetic justice were he to be convicted, since he excoriated the NRA's proposal for armed guards in schools while sending his children to a school with armed guards.

While I like a nice, steaming hot cup of schadenfreude as much as the next guy, I think there's something more.  The Press simply doesn't understand just how many gun control laws are on the books, or how those can ensnare the law abiding.  They don't understand how the laws do precisely nothing to stop criminals while keeping upstanding citizens under a pall of fear.

David Gregory would be an example of what the rest of us worry about.  If his actions broke the law, and if the law were a felony, it is important that Gregory be convicted and lose his right to vote (he likely doesn't care about his right to own a gun).  Seeing one of their own in this situation will be an opportunity for some of his peers to reflect on the stupidity and futility of most of what they consider "common sense" laws.


Divemedic said...

I don't know that they would. When housebreaking a puppy, one cannot rub the dog's nose in his excrement when it is found on the rug, because the dog will think he is being punished for the excrement, not for the act of crapping on the rug.

In other words, he doesn't have the intelligence to understand why he is being punished.

Graybeard said...

I like what DiveMedic said...

That out of the way, I think I recall you having a single .22LR brass ejectee in your boot, and talk of that little faux pas itself being a felony, back when you lived in the Peoples' Democratic Republic of Massachusetts? That's the perfect example of the idiocy of these laws.

Rev. Paul said...

+1 to DiveMedic. I doubt Gregory will see any actual punishment either, since he's an Elite Useful Idiot. Their time hasn't come yet.

drjim said...

Rev. Paul is correct.

Or, in liberal speak: "Oh, Well That's Different!"

Ken said...

In a nation of laws, it might happen as you say (and rightly so).

In this Nation of Men: not a chance.