Saturday, December 22, 2012

OK, I'm a sucker

I picked up a box of the Hornady Zombie ammo for a stocking stuffer. Dang, that's a rip off.

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UPDATE 22 December 2012 17:52: Bob in the comments asked if there was much ammo there - the case was half empty, and the only .380 was either Winchester or the Zombie stuff.  72 cents a round for the Winchester and 96 cents a round (!) for the Hornady Zombie.  Yikes.

But it was to have stocking stuffers.  Because ammo makes a great stocking stuffer.


Bob said...

Given the way that ammo and guns have been flying off the shelves, might it have been one of the few readily available brands out there?

greg said...

Yeah, I bought a box to make my wife the time, it was only $1.50 more than a box of Hornady's Critical Defense line,which has a red insert instead of a green one. One box was enough.

Paladin said...

Know what makes another great stocking stuffer?

Ann-Margret circa 1973.

Borepatch said...

Paladin, heh. Although I'm informed by the Missus in no uncertain terms that you're quite mistaken.

greg said...

Heck Paladin, you're awfully picky. I'd settle for her circa 1993. Even in her 50's in Grumpy Old Men, she had it more goin' on than 95% of the young starlets in Hollywood.

drjim said...

I tend to agree with Paladin AND greg!