Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The hardest Christmas present I ever made

We're told that a present we make is more valuable than one we buy.  It is a gift that comes from the heart.  I made one of those for Mom.

Blog2print will take some (or all) of your blog posts and turn it into a printed book.  Mom doesn't read my blog, and so I made a book for her - the posts I wrote about Dad.

It's easy, although I'd like a better way to edit it online before it gets printed.  I could actually do that myself, downloading all the posts (and comments), editing them in a word processor, and then taking them to Staples or some such.  That would take a weekend or more.


The problem isn't the edit.  The problem is all that raw emotion.  It's nearly two years he's been gone, and while I think about him every day, the pain had turned into more of a dull ache.  Until the edit.  That was picking a scab.

And so even though I don't like the formatting, I'm getting the book.  I'll probably do it again, with better formatting some day.  But not this day.

A present we make has more meaning than one we buy.  Except the ones we buy with pain.


Old NFO said...

I know that was hard, but it's done, and both you AND your Mother are better for it. We all handle losses differently, and there is no shame in feeling emotions a long time later. Trust me on that.

doubletrouble said...

Tough, but good work, BP.
I'm sure Mom will appreciate it.

DaddyBear said...

It will be good for her to know how much you love your father. And it looks like they both did a good job raising a good son.

Rev. Paul said...

Well done, sir; your mom will appreciate it greatly.

Six said...

I know I'd appreciate such a gift BP. The price is high, so very high. The things we value most are sometimes bought with the dearest coin.