Sunday, December 2, 2012

Quote of the Day

Jerry Pournelle describes what would really need to be done to stop man-made Global Warming:
California is about to further bankrupt itself in a vain attempt to halt man made global warming. I say vain attempt, because what California does will have no affect on global warming no matter whether the Believers or the Deniers are right. California just doesn’t produce enough CO2 to have that much effect. If you want to stop CO2, use the Strategic Air Force to bomb China and India into the Stone Age. Be careful to use neutron weapons detonated at optimum burst height. If you’re a real earth saver fanatic, save some of the weapons to use on the United States. Short of returning to the Stone Age (Bronze won’t do, still too much mining and burning of trees), we will need wealth and lots of it to deal with global warming; bankrupting industrial economies is not likely to help.
The abject futility of what California (and Australia) are doing to themselves is the strongest argument that today's Progressives are idiots.  All pain, no gain, just so a bunch of well off SWPL lefties can feel good about themselves.


Chris Byrne said...

But of course, that is the real point.

Its about all of us suffering for our horrible sins.

The self flagellation has to be a part of any "solution" in environmentalis, or else it wont be serving it's true purposes.

That of an apocalyptic religion, which, through suffering and purging, can make us pure and righteous again.

... and of course, that of giving power and control to the true environmental "elite", who can be trusted to be the guardians of the fait...

Borepatch said...

Chris, the only problem I have with this is that they want someone else to suffer for those sins so they can assuage their SWPL guilt.

If that means destroying coal and putting Appalachia back into grinding poverty it's all eggs, omelets. But at least they can feel good about themselves and their friends in the Faculty Lounge.

knottedprop said...

It has nothing to do with guilt or saving the planet it is about destroying the West, AGW is merely a tool to do this.
However the sheep go on about their merry way until their are no jobs left and the economy is totally destroyed.
Sit back pull up a chair, get a beer from the fridge and heat up some popcorn and watch it all burn, because sadly that's all you can do.