Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What could possibly go wrong?

One of the biggest complaints from the climate change skeptic community against the hypothesis of Anthropogenic Global Warming is that the uncertainties in the AGW proponent's calculations are wildly underplayed. it's so bad that the warming signal that we're trying to be measured is less than the error of the sensors. Despite this, we're told that the "science is settled".

This skipping over the science is leading people into some very troubling discussions - particularly the talk about Geoengineering: modifying our ecosystem to reduce the global temperature:

Bill Gates, the Microsoft gazillionaire, is funding a geo-engineering project that aims to form white clouds to reflect the Sun’s rays and ‘reduce global warming.’

…the Microsoft billionaire, is funding research into machines to suck up ten tonnes of seawater every second and spray it upwards. This would seed vast banks of white clouds to reflect the Sun’s rays away from Earth.

The British and American scientists involved do not intend to wait for international rules on technology that deliberately alters the climate. They believe that the weak outcome of December’s climate summit in Copenhagen means that emissions will continue to rise unchecked and that the world urgently needs an alternative strategy to protect itself from global warming.

But I'm sure that the quality control in this effort will be every bit up to the standards that Mr. Gates established at Microsoft. Every bit.

Image credit: Borepatch.
UPDATE 11 May 2010 09:02: More on Bill G's scheme here.


scotaku said...

Question for Mr. Gates, should you bump into him:

Should this plan work, should it work too well, what is your backup plan? Things Go Wrong™ all the time - what's the plan for resetting the cloud system?

Anonymous said...

I do wonder what energy source will be used to blast ten tons into the atmosphere.


bluesun said...

Howabout instead of spending his cash it on clouds, he gives it to me? I'll keep it safe, I promise.

Eagle said...


If the system crashes, the seawater stops pumping, and the white clouds dissipate... will we get a "blue sky"?

I thought Microsoft had the de facto trademark on "blue screen" messages (re. the one you posted).

Perhaps Mr. Gates will take credit and file a patent for "blue sky" when the system fails!

Heck, claiming credit for something you didn't invent worked for Al Gore, and he's another one of them environmental wackos, right?

Marcus said...

Geeks like it DARK!

Bring on the clouds.