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Friday, December 7, 2012

Rube Goldberg and the greatest video ever made

Rube Goldberg was a real guy, an engineer and a cartoonist.  He died on this day in 1970, after a long and renowned life sketching impossibly complicated machines that did simple tasks.  And made possible the greatest video ever made.

Rube Goldberg: SaLUTE!

You so want to watch this in full screen mode.


wolfwalker said...

How the hell did they do that with one camera in one take?

Still, my favorite along those lines is the Honda Car Parts ad:

There is a certain surreal elegance about it that the OK Go video never achieves.

freddyboomboom said...

They did have some help from MIT engineers.

The "making of" videos for that are pretty interesting, too.

Rev. Paul said...

Long hours in pursuit of minor achievement ... it's such a college thing to do. :^)

BenC said...

I think the paint spattered coveralls show that it did take more than one take

Broken Andy said...

That was absolutely awesome!

greg said...

Thanks for the post. My daughter has been learning about Rube Goldberg machine in one of her workshops. I showed her the one they did on Mythbusters, but this is better.

HlynkaCG said...


They didn't get it in one take. Did you notice the number of busted TVs sitting on the sidelines, or the fact that the were already covered in paint at the start?

As for this being the greatest video ever, I disagree.

This is...